Make a Funny Observation. Observational humor is timely, since it relates to the enviroment you are in: If it's really hot, "It's so hot in here, my sweat started sweating." If it's really early in the morning, "It's so early that the sun hasn't even gotten up yet." If it's really cold, say, "It's so cold that I chipped a tooth on my soup.". "/>

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Slip in sexually charged words or phrases into your normal conversation with her. A great way to do this is by using sexual innuendos or double entendre. This is when you say something innocent, yet can be deemed dirty or sexual. For instance: "Boy, this is really hard." (When you’re talking about a popsicle.). Enough to break the ice! Hi, I’m Andi. Nice to meet you.”. - Andrea M. “Man, I hate networking.”. If you sense a fellow party-goer has similar misanthropic tendencies, walk up and start a conversation about your mutual distaste. - Jessica Gordon for The Muse.

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